Christmas dessert recipe ideas (2024)

Christmas pudding will always be a staple of any Christmas dinner, and while we do have a delicious traditional Christmas pudding recipe not everyone is a fan and many would prefer to have something different after a large Christmas dinner.

Here we present some fantastic Christmas pudding alternatives with recipes for chocolate, fresh fruit and ice cream so there is sure to be something to please everyone.

Fun and fruity Christmas desserts

Mulled wine sorbet

Festive and refreshing, this mulled wine sorbet is the antithesis of Christmas pudding and perfect for people who would prefer something a bit lighter after a large meal.

Mulled wine sorbet recipe

Jewelled sponge pudding

This fresh fruit version of a Christmas pudding is ideal for Christmas pudding haters and looks gorgeous when served with bright red berries and brandy sauce.

Jewelled sponge pudding recipe

Individual cherry tiramisus

These individual cherry tiramisus look fantastic on the table and could be given some added Christmas sparkle with a light dusting of silver or gold edible glitter.

Individual cherry tiramisu recipe

Strawberry and pavlova trifle

These trifles look fantastic served in wine glasses but are extremely quick to throw together - just the dessert recipe you need when you are busy with so much cooking on Christmas day.

Strawberry pavlova trifle recipe

Christmas dessert recipe ideas (1)

Chocolatey Christmas desserts

Chocolate praline log

This chocolate praline log recipe is a particularly luxurious version of the traditional Yule log and perfect for chocolate lovers at Christmas.

Chocolate praline log recipe

Chocolate pizza

As with a savoury pizza you have complete control of this chocolate pizza topping. Add edible gold flakes for a sophisticated but fun Christmas dessert, or sprinkle some colourful sweets such as Smarties if serving to children.

Chocolate pizza recipe

Make ahead chocolate raspberry pudding

A delicious baked chocolate and raspberry dessert that can me made ahead of time and popped in the oven 10 minutes before serving. A spiced chocolate sauce give it an extra festive twist.

Chocolate raspberry pudding recipe

Chocolate roulade with boozy blackberries

An impressive-looking chocolate roulade made with sloe gin and blackberries that's bound to please Christmas dinner guests.

Chocolate roulade with boozy blackberries

Warm chocolate mousse with coffee ice cream

Gorgeous and gooey chocolate mousse with a refreshing dollop of coffee ice cream rounds off a Christmas dinner perfectly.

Warm chocolate mousse with coffee ice cream recipe

Chocolate orange pudding

A delicious and easy chocolate orange pudding. Top with a segment of Terry's Chocolate Orange for some extra festive fun.

Chocolate orange pudding recipe

Hazelnut, coffee and chocolate meringue

This gorgeous meringue cakes makes a showstopping pudding. You could even sprinkle with a little edible glitter to give it some festive sparkle.

Hazelnut, coffee and chocolate meringue

Christmas dessert recipe ideas (2)

Healthy Christmas desserts

Lime yoghurt crunch

A creamy yoghurt dessert with a zingy lime taste. Serve in individual glasses for a light pudding.

Lime yoghurt crunch recipe

Peach and amaretti gratin

A gorgeous and simple peach dessert made from halved peaches baked with a crumbly amaretti biscuit topping and a dash of Marsala or sherry.

Peach gartin recipe

Pears baked in sherry

This is an extremely easy dessert to prepare, with very few ingredients.

Pears baked in sherry recipe

Baked apples with cranberries and pecans

A delicious and healthy dessert full of the festive flavours of cranberries and nuts, with a little drizzle of cider and maple syrup.

Baked apples recipe

Christmas dessert recipe ideas (3)

Rich and creamy Christmas desserts

Ice cream cake

The great thing about this ice cream cake is you can use choose a flavour to suit any taste - the red of boysenberry or raspberry ripple is nice and festive but you could also use toffee or chocolate, or even make your own.

Ice cream cake recipe

Lemon syllabub

A simple dessert of double cream whisked with sherry, brandy and lemon juice for a creamy, boozey Christmas dessert.

Lemon syllabub recipe

Passion fruit pavlova

A luxurious pavlova topped with a pile of lightly whipped cream, fresh passion fruit and lemon zest.

Passion fruit pavlova recipe

Easy crème brûlée

The perfect dessert for preparing the day before and leaving to chill overnight, these crème brûlées are sure to go down a treat at Christmas.

Crème brûlée recipe


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Christmas dessert recipe ideas (2024)


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