Black and White Brownies Recipe (2024)



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I followed recipe but baked for 30 minutes. They looked great but after they cooled and I cut into them, the center was completely gooey. What went wrong? Should they be in a 9” pan? Definitely NOT going to be given as a gift to anyone.

NJ cook

The recipe does not mention the zigzag white icing on top.


I made these brownies and took the advice of other posters to bake the batter longer (about 35 minutes in a 350 oven). Followed the recipe except I put grated white chocolate on top for a snowy look (before baking). After baking, I drizzled white chocolate on top. The are very tasty chewy brownies.


This definitely took longer than 23 minutes to bake for me. After 25, I turned it down to 325, and it took another 5-7 minutes at least.


My recipe turned out great. I have some thoughts on others' troubles. If I had used a hand whisk the sugar/oil/chocolate/butter mixture would have been grainy. Use a stand mixer with a whisk attachment and mix until fully incorporated/almost fluffy. Cooking time...make sure your pan is metal not glass. Helped it cook faster.


These are good brownies--it's your basic recipe with white chocolate chunks added in. You won't be genuflecting (see: JM's salted caramel brownie recipe for that) but it'll scratch the chocolate itch. Melissa almost always delivers reliably good results.


Step 2: unsweetened chocolate (will be dark); Step 5: white chocolate chunks.


My 12 y-o made these and then hoarded them for herself. I was lucky enough to get one! Good recipe. Moist interior with crispy crust. The white chocolate didn’t melt very well for some reason…might have been our fault for not getting the right kind.


I'll start by saying I made these for a potluck and people told me they were the best brownies they've ever had. I did adjust the bake time per all the comments, but please also think of your oven. I went to 35 mins because I worried about them being underdone and it was a bit too long- I would start at 30 mins and check for moist crumbs when inserting a cake tester. Next time I would pull them out right at 30. Don't skip on adding the white chocolate to the top for amazing flavor.




Used 1 cup sugar and coconut oil (melted). So good.


This is the best brownie recipe. The end result is moist and fudge-like. 23 minutes was a perfect bake time for me. Any longer would’ve burnt the edges.


Needs to bake 30 minutes


Started swimming in oil when baking


I added some walnuts for some crunch and I am so glad because it was a great edition! Highly recommend. Like everyone else, it took my much longer then the recommended 23 mins! Almost 45.


This is an easy recipe with a delicious result! They were a hit. Like other reviewers have commented, the baking time is closer to 27 minutes.


I you like gooey, fudgy brownies, you'll love these. For those like me who like light, cakey brownies, you will hate these. I baked them for 30 minutes. They came out like solid fudge. So dense they were difficult to even cut and remove a piece from the pan.

Park Slope

These didn’t work for me. After cooking for the allotted time, they were still raw inside; cooked for 10 more minutes and they were still raw inside. Cooked for 15 minutes on the convection setting and then they were cooked through but too crusty and hard to get out of the pan so too messy to give as gifts. They tasted good good but nothing special. Not a keeper.


The white chocolate plus the sea salt was a very fun new way to make tasty chewy brownies.


The top was nice and cracked but the inside was raw. I baked it for an additional 20 minutes or so and it never solidified. So disappointed! The salt is a great touch for the top, that was the best part.


It went really well for us.


I made these gluten free by using Bob's 1 to 1 flour and they came out beautifully!

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Black and White Brownies Recipe (2024)


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